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                Partly in response to the realities of the Great Depression, the company reduced rate costs for 149 of the Florida cities it served.

                FPL woman employee


                At the beginning of World War II, 83 employees entered the armed forces. By its end, that number increased to 569 – one quarter of the company's workforce. The company began hiring women to fill positions left vacant by labor shortages, including meter work, truck driving, auxiliary plant operation and mechanical work.



                The company’s efforts on the home front during World War II did not go unnoticed. On Feb. 1, 1944, Admiral W.R. Munroe, commandant of the Seventh Naval District of the United States Navy, presented FPL with the Citation for Meritorious Wartime Service.



                The company introduced the cartoon character Reddy Kilowatt as the company mascot. It remained in place until 1975.