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                Our History

                From our humble beginnings in 1925 to the energy leader we are today, our greatest assets have always been our people.TESTING

                1920’s Ice Cart


                We’ve been powering America’s energy future since 1925, when one of the greatest land booms created a demand for electricity.

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                1930’s FPL linemen working on pole


                The Great Depression devastated the nation’s economy, and it hurt our company and our customers. We knew we had to change the way we worked.

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                1945-1960 FPL Car


                After World War II, thousands of new residents moved to Florida each week. The state soon became the 10th most populated and business was booming.

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                FPL at NASA


                Our company continued its expansion, fueled America’s space age and began building Florida’s first nuclear power plant.

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                FPL Sign-Designed for Watt-wise living


                We encouraged energy conservation and became an environmental champion.

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                Deming Prize Committee Medal


                We strived for operational excellence and continuous improvement.

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                Solar Power Plant


                We became the largest producer of wind and solar power in the nation.

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                2010 to present: Wind Energy


                We continue to advance clean, reliable and affordable energy while developing American infrastructure and creating thousands of jobs.

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